King Man

Mess with the best,
die like the rest.

King Man

Why do I race?
Why do you breathe?

King Man

Of life and death,
a gentle ballet.

Current Project
2005 E46 M3

Former: Pearl Purple Turbo 98 Prelude
2nd Place Honda Street Goodtimes Autosports Import Autorama 1999

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HighOctane Locator

For some cars, especially ones that have been customized, using higher octane will result in more horsepower and performance. I want to provide us with a tool to help us consistently have more power.
Whether you are racing or riding be safe and courteous and take care of each other on the streets and the track! Driving will be a lost art one day, if it is not already, and we are the artists who are writing history.

King Man

For any questions or inquiries.
Please feel free to reach out to me.